1. Day 36 - Eye of the Party

    In which a migrant laborer gives up drugs for Lent, attempts to swim to an island, and gives Buddhism the once-over.

    Only ten days to go before I can recommence drug use, according to my self-imposed Lenten fast.

    Giving up seems easier this year, possibly because I’m no longer working at an office in London's notoriously druggy Shoreditch district.

    Alcohol was (and still is obviously) freely available from numerous shops, cafes, boisterous pubs and clubs in the area, if you’re into coke usually someone’s got a number of a guy who arrives remarkably promptly, and for cannabis I’d meet my dealer in a convenient alley about ten minutes walk away.

    Here in this sleepy beachy suburb in the antipodes there are far fewer options for hedonists, so my appetites remain mostly dormant.

    I still miss marijuana however, and have found it hard to get down to doing another mix. 

    This could possibly be explained by research publicized in a recent article in Time Magazine: “Increasingly, science is confirming that altered states of consciousness — whether induced by drugs, alcohol, sleepiness, travel or anything else that removes us from our usual way of seeing the world — do indeed improve creative thought. The inhibition of what researchers call executive functioning, which includes focus and planning — abilities that decline when we’re under the influence — may be what lets us generate new ideas and innovative solutions, instead of remaining fixed on the task at hand.”

    Regardless of my current sobriety music has remained an important part in my life, but I haven’t had an urgent urge to splice tracks and record the results, hence the large gap between episodes.

    However I did put in more practice for this latest chapter and once I got going I totally rocked my bedroom.

    Again it’s live and my mixing is a bit punk, but please take whatever strong psychoactive substances you have to hand and crank it.

    Track list for Giving Up Drugs For Lent's Eye of the Party (stream in the player above or click the link and then right click on Download episode) is as follows:

    iPhoneEastbourne beach 26/03/2012 11:55 a.m.’, Enrico ConiglioThe Void’, InternetCocaine’, Iggy Azalea ’Backseat feat Chevy Jones’, The WeekndLife of the Party’, Hudson MohawkeThunder Bay’, The Sight Below ’Life’s Fading Light’, The Phenomenal Handclap BandFollowing’, Depeche ModeI Feel You’, Teen DazeShine On You Crazy White Cap’, AlunaGeorgeYou Know You Like It' (Riton Rerub), Los MassierasRumores’, D’banjOliver Twist’, Shy ChildDisconnected' (Ocelot remix), Nicki MinajStarships’, TigaWhat You Need' (Proxy remix),, Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez ’T.H.E.’, Dan AuerbachGoin’ Home’, iPhoneCicadas

    A cicada